Stars And Stripes US Flag Playstation 4 (PS4) Dual Shock Controller Light Bar Decal (Pack of 3)

You can't turn off the light bar when gaming,or watching a movie, so why not customise it so you can reduce the amount of light, and display one of the awesome designs we have to offer. 

This listing is for 3 matching decals which cover the light bar on top of the controller, we only ship in batches of 3 so that you have 2 for the controllers, and one spare in case of a problem during application. The controller is not included.

All of our decals are made from high quality 5+ year sign grade cast vinyl to ensure a hard wearing and long lasting graphic for your controller. The vinyl is easy to remove and leaves no residue or marks if you want to remove, or change your graphic.

Fitting these decals to your PS4 controller is easy. First, clean the light bar to remove any dirt or grease, then turn on your controller to aid in the application. Next just peel off the application tape, which will remove the decal from the backing paper. Place over the light bar and press down firmly, then remove the application tape and your decal will be fixed to the light bar. We include three decals in your order just in case you have difficulty applying on the first go.

Accepted file formats: jpg, gif, png, eps, ai, psd

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